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The Distinguished Style of Wood Blinds

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Graber, our go-to supplier for custom window coverings, has redefined the quality, craftsmanship, and timeless style of wood blinds with their Graber Traditions and new Elite collections. See why we are completely in love with these exceptional window features!


100% North American

Graber only sources 100% North American hardwood from sustainably managed forests. After careful inspection of each piece, the wood is expertly milled, sanded, and painted or stained at their manufacturing facility in Grayling, Michigan.


Graber only works with foresters who practice sustained-yield forest management, meaning they grow twice as much as they harvest.


Wood blinds give a room warmth and character. With an extensive range of styles and designs, Graber Transitions and Elite blinds can work with any home decor. Their custom color program offers endless finish options to ensure your blinds perfectly match your space.

Hard Wood Alternatives

In addition to their hard wood selection, Graber offers beautiful composite and faux wood blinds options. Composite blinds are ideal for rooms with high humidity i.e. bathrooms or homes in humid climates. They give the appearance of wood in a light weight, durable design. Faux wood blinds are also manufactured to withstand moisture and have the look of wood, but at a more moderate price.

Graber Traditions and Elite wood blinds can come with corded, cordless, wand tilt, and motorized lifts. Light-blocking and privacy features are also available. Check out the Graber site for more information or come browse our in-store samples.

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