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The Designers

Meet Our Interior Design Team

Gayle Funk

Owner & Senior Designer

Gayle’s nearly 40 years of design experience show in her oversight of all design projects.  She has a keen ability to troubleshoot unforeseen issues during installation and retains a host of knowledge with the back-up team of subcontractors.  She enjoys working in any design style and period architecture and works to accommodate customer’s collections all while incorporating new trends.  No job is too small or too large.  Gayle recently designed and supervised an entire new house build for her sister and brother-in-law in Newton.  Her specialty areas include textiles, window fashions, balancing color/texture/pattern/lighting from room to room in your home, and overall surface planning from the floors to the ceilings.

Gayle Funk Design Headshots LOW RES-1.jpg

Tonia Lowe

Interior Designer

With 18 years of design work with Living Rooms by Gayle, Tonia came with a background of fine arts and hands-on experience in the building trade.  She designs many of our requests of kitchen and bathroom remodels with new floorplans, lighting, cabinets, and surfaces.  Tonia also works with new room arrangements to achieve better traffic flow all while incorporating new trends and artistic elements.  She also manages the accessorizing and holiday decorating to place the final touches on our projects.

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Micaela Zuercher

Interior Designer

With a degree in graphic design, Micaela’s work in CAD drawing and Canva room arrangement is essential for the customer’s visualization of our design projects.  Her ability to balance color, texture, style, and pattern are all encompassing in the detail of her whole-house projects.  Micaela also enjoys researching new products and vendors for the latest trends.

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Nicole Heath

Office Manager

Nicole manages the day to day communications with customers and vendors.  She handles all of the purchasing and receiving, managing all of the behind-the-scene details in the studio and the warehouse that go unseen but not unappreciated.

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