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Senior Living

Aging in Style

Design Services for Aging in Place

One of our focuses at Living Rooms by Gayle is on helping clients, both new and long-time, transition from beloved and beautiful homes into retirement townhouses, duplexes, independent, or assisted living housing. With the right planning and design, anyone can downsize to a safe and manageable home they will be proud to call theirs for years to come. Our senior living designs are not your typical "senior homes." Explore our aging in style services below to see how we combine safety and style to create the ultimate custom design home for that next stage in life.

Trendy fabric Design Board


We are Here to Help

Preparing to downsize to a senior living facility or retirement home can be overwhelming. In the planning stage of a senior living design, we can help determine which possessions and collections will fit in your new home and which are ready for an estate sale.

Our detailed floor plans and room arrangements make it easier to visualize your completed new home and alleviate some of the stress of transitioning.

Custom Designs

Make it Your Own

We have found that our clients often have a difficult time leaving a long-time home, especially when they have put a lot of time into interior design projects over the years making it their perfect house. Ease the transition to a senior living home by fully customizing your new space to match your style and interior design standards. 

We work with our clients to define a style, select colors, create a complete home interior design, or start a remodel project that will make a new downsized house feel just like home.

No need to stress, we do the shopping to find the perfect furniture to meet your comfort and space needs. Downsizing does not mean sacrificing style.

Bed with side table and custom print wallpaper
Accessible kitchen countertops and bar area.

ADA Features

Safety Meets Style

Most importantly, our senior living home designs combine safety with style. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved home components ease everyday tasks now and increase the amount of time you can live independently in the future.

Our team is well versed in ADA guidelines and experienced in aging-in-place home designs. Our attention to correctly spaced walk-ways and appropriate flooring surfaces aim to reduce falling accidents, which today comprise of approximately 30% of EMS calls.

Whether you are looking to update your current home for future preparation, or remodeling a new home for a downsized transition, our elegant ADA designs seamlessly complement a room's design rather than sticking out like a sore boring thumb.

Easy Living Surfaces

Products for Your Needs

With our experience in retirement home design, we know just which interior products will be ideal to suit your aging independently needs.

Our easy living surfaces and features include:

  • Low profile flooring with seamless room-to-room transitions

  • Inlayed area rugs for no tripping hazards

  • Easy to reach cabinet designs and appliance placement

  • Durable and easy to maintain counter tops

  • Creating wheelchair spaces under sinks, appliances, and work areas

  • Versatile lighting needs

  • Zero-entry showers complete with seating, grab bars, and multiple showering amenities

  • Correctly sized and constructed furniture to aid in the sit-to-stand motion

  • Remote control window blinds and fashions

With products, amenities, and design solutions for every room of the house, with our help you can truly make a house for the next stage in life your own.

Shower with accessible, stylish and functional shower seat
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