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Mohawk Carpet: Funding Breast Cancer Research Since 2001

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to take a moment to highlight Mohawk, one of our favorite flooring companies, and how our carpet sales make year-round contributions to the fight against breast cancer.

Mohawk Everstrand Sculptured Touch carpet in family room
Carpet Pictured: Mohawk Everstrand Sculptured Touch

Mohawk is our go-to carpet provider. Their SmartStrand technology, incomparable stain and wear protection, and eco-conscious practices make them a cut above the rest. Since 2001, Mohawk has partnered with Susan G. Komen to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. They have donated $6.1 million and counting, which is just one of the many reasons we are proud to be a Mohawk retailer.


Decorate for the Cure

Mohawk's Decorate for the Cure program donates $0.02 for every square yard of Mohawk SmartCushion sold.

SmartCushion is Mohawk's proprietary carpet pad. Its eco-friendly memory foam construction adds luxurious comfort while boosting durability, improving insulation, and extending the life of the carpet. Adding the SmartCushion to a Mohawk carpet purchase adds 20 years to the warranty of the carpet! Its Spillsafe Moisture Guard prevents liquids from absorbing and reaching the subfloor, making clean-up a breeze. By manufacturing their own carpet cushion, Mohawk can ensure every carpet and cushion purchased are a perfect match.

Specify for a Cure

As part of the Susan G. Komen Specify for a Cure program, Mohawk is donating $0.25 per square yard of Mohawk Group Carpet sold (with an order minimum of 500 square yards), as well as $0.25 per square yard of Durkan Carpet sold.

Two features that make Mohawk carpet extraordinary:

  1. SmartStrand: SmartStrand carpets offer permanent stain-resistance, exceptional durability, and spill-protection that can't be matched. Mohawk's Nanoloc technology surrounds the carpet fibers, forming a barrier against soil. This feature makes SmartStrand carpet three times easier to clean than standard carpets. Traditional nylon carpets lose an average of 50% of their stain protection after just three cleanings, whereas SmartStrand's built-in stain protection never wears off, making these carpets forever stain-free.

  2. SmartSilk: Mohawk's SmartSilk carpets contain all the amazing features found in SmartStrand, plus the luxurious softness of their premium silk-like fiber.


Regardless of carpet sales, Mohawk has pledged a minimum donation of $375,000 for the 2019/2020 giving program. Learn more about Mohawk's partnership with Susan G. Komen. We stand behind the exceptional quality of Mohawk carpet and we are proud that our sales contribute to Susan G. Komen all year long.


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