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Rotunda, A Capital Collection

Not keen on the "hot right now" trends? As stunning and fabulous as the latest designs of the season may be, for many of our clients, a timeless look is preferred when choosing along-term investment like flooring or kitchen and bath surfaces. We make a point to offer plenty of updated takes on classic home interior choices. One of the products we are featuring this month is a perfect example of simple yet statement making. Meet Rotunda, a new tile collection by Jeffrey Court.

Clean, Crisp, Classic

The designs in Jeffrey Court's Rotunda collection are inspired by the neo-classical designs found in U.S. state capital buildings. These ageless and sophisticated tile mosaics are made from high-quality natural marble stone or a marble and porcelain combination depending on the design. Install them on the floor, on the wall, as a backsplash, or in the shower. Wherever you incorporate a Rotunda design, these tiles are sure to set the stage for the classic elegance one expects of a capital building.

Baton Rouge

The Rotunda collection is comprised of eleven mosaic designs, two moldings, and an assortment of coordinating field tile. One of our favorites in the collection is the Baton Rouge Mosaic. This design features a repeat of honed marble eyelets in Jeffrey Court's Dolomite colorway outlined in a complementing color of marble beading. The overall effect is a graceful design with just the smallest embellishment.

Micro Mosaics

A bolder style than the Baton Rouge, the Juneau Mosaic is one of Rotunda's micro mosaic designs. The micro mosaics (Montpelier, Juneau, and Augusta) are made with carefully placed 3/8-inch marble chips in playful geometric repeats. We love the high contrast movement of Juneau's pattern repeat in Dolomite and Nero Marquina colorways, but the subtler combination of Dolomite and Tunisian Grey is equally beautiful.

Explore the entire Rotunda collection from Jeffrey Court on their website or come by our studio. We have samples of each designs at the ready.


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