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Sculptural Wallcoverings That Wow

50251W Gansevoort Fabricut

Wallpaper has developed a pretty negative reputation over the years for being gaudy and dated. While we have always maintained that this does not have to be the case, now more than ever, wallpaper can be the easiest, most eye-catching accent to a contemporary decor. A prime example of the new wave of wallcoverings hitting the design trends is one of the latest collections from Fabricut. "Contemporary Sculptural Vinyls" is a wallcovering book jam packed with samples that will make you rethink the capabilities of wallpaper.

Vinyl, For Your Walls

To say this collection is contemporary is quite an understatement. Each wallcovering design is made of 78% vinyl and 22% nonwoven paper, and features embossed textures ranging from the subtle to the dramatic. The positives do not stop at unexpected wall texture, as Fabricut's vinyl collection is durable and washable. These sculptural accents are available in a range of styles capable of adding dimension and sophistication to any room. Their durability allows you to think a little more outside the box than perhaps you would with traditional wallpaper. Consider a vinyl alternative to tile backsplash in the kitchen or bath, for example.

Neutrals and Metallics

Keeping with the elegant and contemporary theme, these patterns are available in a selection of neutral and metallic color options. Colors like obsidian, curry, ink, steel, copper, and caramel comprise the rich range of browns, blacks, and grays that make this collection as classic as it is modern.

Feel to Believe

Unlike many wallpaper or fabric samples, shopping online for this collection just will not do. These are styles you truly need to see and feel to appreciate. We have the entire collection of samples in our studio and an endless stream of ideas for what to do with them. Stop in or make an appointment to explore the incredible tactile embossings of Fabricut's "Contemporary Sculptural Vinyls."


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