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What to Expect When You Hire Our Design Team

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

To the dismay (and sometimes frustration) of the homeowner and our staff, many of our first time clients have no idea about exactly what is involved when starting a home remodel or interior design project. It is not quite as quick and simple as seen on hit home renno television shows! To clear a few things up and hopefully help our clients come into their first meeting informed and ready, we have put together an overview of a typical interior design project at our studio.


The interior design process begins in your home by gathering information. This includes deciding design style and how to incorporate your collectibles and existing furniture. We also look at the functional needs for your space regarding heat and light control, as well as traffic patterns. An in-home consultation lasts between one and two hours and costs a flat rate of $75. This initial fee covers the visit and office time after the appointment to determine the project size.

After receiving this preliminary design time estimate, you may choose to move forward with your home project. Next we move on to project design and quoting time. During this period, Gayle and our team completely plan and price the final project. The cost and duration of our design and quoting time depends on the size and details of the proposal. See our Design Rates page for a list of our design service rates.

The final project estimate includes product cost, design time, Gayle's project manager fee and subcontractor fees. Our subcontractors are professional licensed carpenters, electricians, plumbers, flooring and tile installers whom we have worked with for many years. We stand behind the quality of their work. Gayle also oversees every aspect of the project, from design to installation to completion.

At the completion of our design time, we will present you with this detailed plan and price quote ready for decision making. Once you have reviewed the quote and project timeline, it is time to make final decisions on products, colors, and other design elements. A 50% down payment is required to continue. The final balance is due at the project completion for small to medium sized jobs, or in monthly progress payments as portions of a large project are completed. We begin placing orders and scheduling installation times after the final proposal has been agreed upon and the initial payment is received. Then it is time to watch your vision take shape!


Defining the Project Size:

What is the difference between a small scale design and a whole house design?

- A small-scale design is when the client wants a single-item order, such as just blinds, draperies, carpeting, or a furniture piece upholstered. A small-scale design can also be several projects in a single room. Choosing new tile, paint and fixtures in a bathroom, for example.

- A whole house design is when the client hires our team to design every aspect of the home, from large elements like flooring, kitchen surfaces, paint colors, draperies, showers, and furniture down to the smallest of details, such as outlet covers, door knobs, light fixtures, picture frames and accessories. This large-scale design is for entire home remodels, multiple room re-designs, or choosing every detail of a single room like a complete kitchen make-over.


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