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Why Bottom Up/Top Down?

Standard Roman Style with Corded Bottom Up/Top Down

Our window special for February features a free bottom up/top down upgrade for qualifying orders of Graber blinds and shades. Since we have not focused on this lift feature in a while, we wanted to take a minute to discuss why bottom up/top down could be exactly what your windows are missing.

Why Choose Bottom Up/Top Down?

This feature allows you to lower the top of the shade, letting in natural light during the day while maintaining privacy. The ability to raise blinds and shades from below while independently lowering them from above provides custom light control in each room of the house. This is advantageous for those who want an element of privacy while maintaining a view, or those who simply want full control over a room's sun exposure. Let in as little or as much direct light as you like at just the right angle.

3/4” Single Cell Bottom Up/Top Down Cellular Shades with Cordless Lift

Working with a designer when selecting blinds and shades makes certain your new window coverings are taking full advantage of the technology available. Features like the bottom up/top down lift ensure your custom window fashions function for the needs and ambiance of your home.

Free Bottom Up/Top Down Feature

Is this lift for you? Now through the end of the month, customize your order of Graber window coverings with a free bottom up/top down add-on for any order of Graber cellular, pleated, natural, fresco Roman, and fabric* shades. This promotion is only valid until February 28, 2018.

1” Bottom Up/Top Pleated Shades with Cordless Lift

*looped Roman, classic flat Roman, or seamless Roman styles only

Sun up/sun down surcharge applies


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